City of Champlin Pledge To Our Residents

We realize that as elected officials and City Staff, a significant level of trust has been granted to us by the citizens of Champlin. We believe that the public trust requires mutual trust among ourselves in order to succeed. The Champlin City Council and staff pledge to build and maintain trust among ourselves and with the public by upholding these principles in our role as public policymakers.
  • To honor the principle of civility in interactions with fellow council members, staff and citizens by respectfully debating the issues and the facts behind them, not personal character or motives.
  • To focus on the present and future needs of the City, using the past only if it can enlighten the present in a positive manner.
  • To exercise judicious restraint when making public pronouncements, whether written or oral, in way that affirm and respect fellow City council members, staff and citizens, and to share such communications with fellow council members and staff in advance whenever possible.
  • To maintain ethical standards that honor the letter and spirit of all ordinances, laws and policies relating to ethics, conflicts of interest, and disclosures.
  • To recognize that the citizens of Champlin are partners with the City who must be informed and invited to fully participate in our decisions and actions.