Champlin Community Foundation

The Champlin Community Foundation is dedicated to the enrichment of present and future generations of Champlin residents.  Through community-centered events, activities and awareness projects established to strengthen our core value of exceptional living, we aim to strengthen civic ties, goodwill and unity among neighbors.  To that end, the Foundation is committed to partnership with local businesses and residents to establish and fund annual events and community-improvement projects that foster continued growth, enjoyment and pride for all in the City of Champlin.

Inspired by witnessing countless acts of kindness and the desire to grow the sense of togetherness in our community, in 2015 Ryan Karasek created the Champlin Community Foundation, a non-profit organization.

With the support and guidance of an exceptional board of directors we look forward to years of “doing good” in the city of Champlin.

Examples of such projects are, but not limited to, Champlin Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Champlin Garden Club, Champlin Crime Prevention Fund, Champlin park improvements (i.e. planting trees and flowers, etc.), as well as supporting holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and the remembrance of 9/11. The Foundation would also like to provide funding and support for programming and events for our senior citizens and youth. What is raised in Champlin stays in Champlin. “I wanted to do more for Champlin aside from my ability on the City Council. With the support of hundreds of residents, I believe this organization will have a positive impact for good in our community.”

We were proud to announce our first of many causes we took part in.  The Champlin Community Foundation is proud to honor our troops, our veterans and the unbelievable sacrifice that they have made and continue to make to protect and defend our country. With courage and valor Champlin resident, Army Specialist Samuel Boney survived through the some of the most traumatic conflicts in the Iraq War. In his book Combat Medic “A Soldier’s Story of the Iraq War and PTSD” he shares his raw, unfiltered and at times graphic first-hand accounts of the Iraq War, his battle with PTSD, and the struggles he faced after returning home. Ultimately, returning to his faith and sharing his experiences with others, Samuel is committed to helping other veterans and their families cope with PTSD. A horrific national statistic suggests that 23 returning veterans commit suicide every day. This is tragic and unacceptable. The Champlin Community Foundation is committed to supporting our veterans by purchasing a copy of Combat Medic for every Champlin Veteran that would like one. October 15 th, 2016 CCF  hosted a book signing and meet and greet with the author Samuel Boney at the Champlin Library  All Champlin Veterans will received a free copy of the book at this event. More copies are available to our Champlin veterans please contact us at for a copy.