Over 20 years of Champlin’s Mayors and City Council Meet to Discuss Champlin’s Riverfront Future!

We were very honored to have Champlin’s past 3 Mayor’s collaborate with the City Council about their history, experience, and vision for Champlin’s Mississippi Crossings redevelopment project recently. ArMand Nelson, Steve Boynton, and Mark Uglem were all integral in bringing Champlin to where we are today. We are excited to soon unveil this renewed and shared vision with roots going back 20 years. A consistent theme that was eloquently coined by former Mayor Boynton was to provide “meaningful” access to the Mississippi River. What an extraordinary group of gentleman.  The current Champlin City Council is committed to respecting and understanding the dreams and wishes of our predecessors. We acknowledge 2018 market conditions and the desires of the community. This council is very motivated to finally bring this dream to a reality for Champlin. Stay tuned as we will be excited to share our vision for Champlin’s future.