“I normally don’t pay too much attention about the going on’s political wise in our community. I know I should but there usually is not much need in our little town of Champlin. But this past year there were some concerns or questions we had about something. Since Ryan is our rep, I called him up and left a message. I was pleasantly surprised or I could even say shocked he actually called me back. There had been a few times I had called our Rep ( not Ryan) and very seldom did I get a return call. We met with Ryan and he saw our concern and did whatever he could to find the answers to our situation, even keeping in touch from that point on to make sure all was well. Our issue became his. I know now from that experience that if I call Ryan he WILL return my call, and take on the responsibly of being my voice whenever there is an issue that I have a question about. I value and respect him as my Councilman and now as a friend. So please take the time and get to know this young man. He does care about Champlin and the people who live here. Ryan you have our vote!”  Barb Donohue

I am writing in support of Ryan Karasek, current Champlin City Council Representative. Ryan has shown in his past four years of experience in this position that he represents the best interests of the people of Champlin. His knowledge of government, real estate experience and small business ownership have all influenced his support for smart, fiscally sound policies. He has established positive communication with citizens and other entities of the city such as the police that allow him to effectively interact with all parties. For me as a teacher and a Champlin resident of fifteen years, probably most importantly he is a positive role model and trustworthy, reliable citizen. He has listened to my concerns. His reputation speaks for his leadership skills and honesty. I know that he will be there to make the tough choices for Champlin because he has done so already and will continue to actively search for new opportunities that will make our community the great place we call home. Carmen Briceno

Local elections are important. They directly affect us where we live, raise our families, and call our home.
Champlin’s future is bright with opportunities to create a greater sense of community, and development that will offer more establishments we can enjoy locally. Our lives are busy. We drive home past a flurry of election signs, and sort through endless political brochures in the mail. Sometimes it’s hard to be fully informed about the candidates we vote into political offices. It is important that elected officials possess a high quality of character; have the ability to make educated and rational decisions; be free of self-gain motives, and have high integrity (doing the same as what you say).This election, there is one official who stands out. He inspires people to become involved in the community, listens and respects the views of others, has a proven record of service to Champlin, and displays an honest and transparent passion for our city. This election, Ryan Karasek has my vote for Champlin Mayor! Kim Durene