City of Champlin swears in Councilman Karasek

On September 10th the City Council appointed Planning Commission Vice-Chair Ryan Karasek to serve as the new Ward 1 Councilmember. Councilmember Karasek was appointed to fill the unexpired term of long time Councilmember Julia Whalen. His term runs through December 31, 2014.

Bringing a passion for the future of Champlin, Councilmember Karasek has stated that this is an exciting time to be involved with the pending development of the Mississippi Commons Area. He cited that Champlin has a unique opportunity to re-invent itself and make the Mississippi Commons project something that people will come to, rather than just “come home to”, coupled with an understanding of the importance of enriching the business environment so all existing Champlin businesses can prosper while attracting more new businesses to Champlin. He looks forward to working with the Mayor, Council and staff to make this project one of the marquee developments in the northwest metro area.

Having served on the Planning Commission, Councilmember Karasek said that he would like to communicate how the individual components of the comprehensive plan work together and how it relates to the residents of Champlin. He said that in countless discussions during open houses with Champlin residents he has found that time after time residents are eager to take part in the cities growth if given the opportunity. He would like to see the vision of the comprehensive plan brought forward to the public in a clear and concise way so that they can better know what to expect and look forward to in the next 5 to 10 years.

Councilmember Karasek has lived in Champlin since 2001 where he and his wife Kelly look forward to raising their 4 month old daughter Lyla. Councilman Karasek has been a MN licensed Realtor with Edina Realty here in Champlin since January of 2002 specializing in residential real estate sales and rehabilitating homes. Ryan was named a Super Real Estate Agent by the Twin Cities Business and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine for the last 4 consecutive years.  In 2009 Councilmember Karasek invented a tool primarily used for the Homebrewing and Winemaking industry but also utilized in universities, hospitals and science laboratories. After developing, marketing, and promoting the invention it is currently offered in nearly a thousand retail stores around the world. He hopes to use this inventive and creative problem solving experience to not only develop a prosperous business environment but promote a safe, healthy, and engaging living experience for all Champlin residents.