Champlin Mayor Karasek Announces Run for 2018 Re-Election!

Today, I have never been more excited to announce that I am running for re-election as your Champlin Mayor. Two years ago, I shared a vision for the future of Champlin and I was deeply humbled to have been chosen as your Mayor. It has been an absolute honor to have represented the City of Champlin as Mayor for the last year and a half, and proud of all that we have accomplished. I am once again asking for your support to allow me the opportunity to be re-elected as your Mayor and continue pressing forward our shared vision for Champlin’s future.

There is no question that our community has seen its challenges over the past year with our construction projects. However, with calm and steady leadership, Champlin has also seen the largest amount of growth in our city’s history. With over $100 million in public and private investment, Champlin will begin to see opportunities that we have never thought possible, all while maintaining the “small town feel” that we know and cherish.

In 2017, with an exceptional City Council and dedicated staff, Champlin once again approved a balanced budget while improving services and adding significant public improvement projects like the Mill Pond Restoration Project. Last year, we approved a 4.34% reduction in the City’s tax rate for 2018 while property values rose over 10%. Maintaining a long-held mission to adhere to our financial management plan and a culture of fiscal conservatism, we strive to keep spending low and save for our long-term infrastructure needs.

It is easy to understand dollars and cents and how it affects your savings account, but perhaps more difficult to explain is how residents feel about our community. Last year, our resident survey helped shed some light on what residents think about Champlin and those who are elected to lead. We were proud to report that 96% of residents suggested that Champlin is either a “good” or “excellent” place to raise children and 91% rate Champlin the same way as a place to retire. Furthermore, 88% of Champlin residents surveyed, approve of the job that the Mayor and City Council are doing, which ranks among the highest in the metropolitan area.

My announcement to run for re-election is not about relishing in the accomplishments of our past, but once again driving forward a vision for our future with purpose and direction. From day one, this new City Council has spent countless hours with visioning, planning, and interviewing developers to finally bring a proposal forward for the re-development of our riverfront. I am proud to say that we have been working on a proposal with a prominent developer that has either met or exceeded our expectations and will bring to life a consistent vision for our riverfront that goes back nearly 20 years. This project also has the potential for over $60 million more in private investment to our community. We are very eager to share the exciting news with the community in the coming months.

I am excited to once again get out every day for the next three months and knock on thousands of doors. I sincerely love this community, and for many years, I have made it a priority to listen to the concerns of our community, and even some compliments. Going door to door is the one time that we, as elected officials, can really begin to effectively understand the concerns of our residents. After all, I am here to serve you! If you ever have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Together, we can continue to make Champlin the best that it can be. Thank you very much for your support and your vote.