2012 Ryan Portrait Crop

Dedicated to the future of Champlin, the continued success of Champlin businesses, and the prosperity of its residents, City Councilman Ryan Karasek announces his campaign for the next Mayor of Champlin. “I believe that strong leadership and a clear vision of Champlin’s future are critical attributes we must look for in our next mayor. As a councilman, I have the confidence to stand alone and the courage to make difficult decisions. As your next mayor I will continue to listen to the ideas and concerns of our residents.”

On September 10th, 2012, the Champlin City Council including then Mayor Mark Uglem, current Mayor ArMand Nelson, longtime and current Councilman Eric Johnson, as well as Councilman Greg Payer unanimously appointed Planning Commission Vice-Chair Karasek to serve as the new Ward 1 Councilmember. In November of 2014, the residents of Champlin’s Ward 1 spoke at the polls and elected Councilor Karasek to four more years as their Ward 1 Councilman.

Bringing passion and enthusiasm for the future of Champlin, the 40 year old Karasek is excited by the opportunity to run for Mayor of Champlin in 2016. “I love this community. Every day I sincerely feel blessed to meet, listen to, and work with so many amazing people. I am inspired by the sense of community and togetherness that we share with our friends and neighbors throughout Champlin. My wife Kelly and I are thankful to raise our two young children, Lyla and Easton, in a small town community we love. The inspiration to first run for public office grew from a passion to ensure that the future for all the families of Champlin are full of happiness, safety, and prosperity.”

The future of Champlin is upon us. At no other time is a clear vision and direction for the future more critical than before the shovels enter the ground. Over the next few years, Champlin will see many great changes. After decades of planning, hard work, and dedication from past mayors and councils the Mississippi Crossings and Commons areas are on the verge of being developed. “This is the most exciting project that we will see or have seen in many years. We have the opportunity to do something great for the residents of Champlin; I am committed to keeping the wants of our residents on the forefront during the planning stages. Providing more access to the river for the residents of Champlin is something I have fought hard for from day one. It is critical for our future that we do it right!”

“Countless times I have listened to the wishes of our residents. Throughout the negotiations with past developers and builders of the Mississippi Crossings location, at times I have stood alone on the City Council and against a project and plan I believed was unacceptable. This proposed project denied significant access to the riverfront and would have cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in subsidy to the developer, while also eliminating the possibility for competition from other possible developers. I may have stood in contrast with my colleagues, whom I respect, but by doing so I believe stood side by side with the residents of Champlin.”

Karasek takes great pride in giving a voice to all the residents of Champlin. “Listening to the needs and concerns of our residents is one of the only ways we can continue to improve as a city. From day one, I have actively sought out opportunities to listen to residents and bring those concerns to light. I am very thankful that our community has been comfortable enough to reach out to me anytime they have an idea to make Champlin a better place to live.” Karasek has proven to bring action to a number of these concerns. “To just listen without action or understanding is not productive or effective. I will work towards finding an amicable solution to any problem. This is something I pride myself in doing all the time — not just in an election year.”

Inspired by witnessing countless acts of kindness and the desire to grow the sense of togetherness in our community, in 2015 Karasek created the Champlin Community Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Foundation is dedicated to the enrichment of present and future generations of Champlin residents. Through community-centered events, activities, and awareness projects established to strengthen our core value of exceptional living, we aim to strengthen civic ties, goodwill, and unity among neighbors. To that end, the Foundation is committed to partnership with local businesses and residents to establish and fund annual events and community-improvement projects that foster continued growth and pride for all in the City of Champlin. Examples of such projects are, but not limited to, Champlin Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Champlin Garden Club, Champlin Crime Prevention Fund, Champlin park improvements (i.e. planting trees and flowers, etc.), as well as supporting holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and the remembrance of 9/11. The Foundation would also like to provide funding and support for programming and events for our senior citizens and youth. What is raised in Champlin stays in Champlin. “I wanted to do more for Champlin aside from my ability on the City Council. With the support of hundreds of residents, I believe this organization will have a positive impact for good in our community.”

After talking with thousands of residents, Karasek has heard many voices and countless different perspectives on spending and taxes. The City of Champlin and Councilmember Karasek have always supported a strong fiscally conservative approach to taxes and spending. Recent studies by national financial institutions show Champlin leading in the Twin Cities and the State of MN for our consistent and sound fiscal practices. “I believe in keeping our taxes low while still providing the services, safety, and security that our residents have come to expect. I hope that the Champlin Community Foundation in the future will be able to help supplement services and programming within the city, thus reducing the tax burden on all the residents of Champlin.”

In 2013, Karasek was elected chairman of the Anoka Hennepin School District Advisory Council for Community Education where he conducts regular meetings, oversees an over $20 Million budget, and advises staff direction for programming and class options. Councilman Karasek was proud to play an integral part at bringing back firearm safety training to the school district among several other valued programs. “I grew up in a family of outdoorsmen, I remember eagerly awaiting my 11th birthday so I could take my firearm safety training offered at school. I was surprised when I found out that the program was no longer being offered in the school district. I worked closely with the Director of Community Education to bring back firearm safety training back to the Anoka Hennepin School District.” Ryan also acts as Treasurer of Champlin’s Economic Development Authority, as well as a Representative to the North Metro Crossing Coalition.

Councilman Karasek has been a full time realtor with Edina Realty in Champlin since January, 2002. In 2009, Karasek invented a tool which received a US patent. Primarily used for the homebrewing and winemaking industry, the tool is also utilized in universities, hospitals and science laboratories. After developing, marketing, and promoting the invention, it is now available in thousands of retail stores around the world. “I really enjoy the inventing process. I am always thinking of new creative ideas to fill consumer need. The most exciting part has been the opportunity to negotiate contracts with companies all around the world, including Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, India and others.” He uses this inventive problem solving experience to not only develop a prosperous business environment, but promote a safe, healthy, and engaging living experience for all Champlin residents.

“I am here to serve the residents of Champlin! This mayoral election is not about me, it is about you! I will do everything I can to best serve you. As always, I am here to listen. Please feel free to call or email me.”

For more info call or email Ryan at 612-210-5333 or Visit his website or Facebook page for regular City updates.