2017 Champlin Resident Survey Results

I am proud to say that Champlin is still the place where people love to live! Dating back to 2002 Morris Leatherman Company has been providing the City of Champlin with their services of surveys and statistical analysis. Over the years these survey results have been a key tool that past and present City Councils and Staff have used to help plan for future improvements, allocate resources, an more finely focus our direction in a way that adapts with the incremental changes in our community and society. We are grateful to those that dedicated the time to answer the nearly 30 minutes of questions.  You will find in this very detailed report many, very positive “take away’s”  to support a wide range of City services, policy direction, and promising attributes of Champlin’s present and future.  To highlight a few:

“Ninety-six percent rate Champlin as either “excellent” or “good” as a place to raise children.”91% rate the community the same way as a place to retire.”

“98% of respondents Feel Accepted, Valued and Welcomed.”

“Ninety-six percent would recommend living in Champlin to others.”

“A solid 73% support the City taking a more active approach to property maintenance and code enforcement.”

“A high 77% feel the quality of city services has kept pace with population growth.”

“Eighty-five percent rate the amount of police patrolling in their neighborhood as “about right,” reflecting an 18% increase in five years.”

“88% approve of the job of the Mayor and City Council, while only seven percent disapprove of their job; the approval level reflects an increase of four percent since the last study. The current approval rating remains among the highest in the Metropolitan Area.”

“Respondents give the Staff a job approval rating of 84% and a disapproval rating of sixteen percent; the positive job consolidates the comparatively huge change of 29% in five years.”

“An exceptionally strong 89% rate the maintenance and condition of City parks and trails as either “excellent” or “good,” while ten percent rate them lower.”

2017 Champlin Resident Survey – Report of Findings

2017 Champlin Resident Survey

The survey conducted was a completely random phone (mobile & landline) survey of approximately 400 residents, and as you will see the geographic and demographic results are generally consistent with the overall makeup of our community.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Champlin Mayor Ryan Karasek at ryan@ryankarasek.com.